I suppose the best way to describe myself is as someone who doesn't like "labels".   But here goes: I’m a tourist who turned local, an accountant turned artist, an expat turned immigrant, and most of all, a daughter, wife and mom.

I originally came to Paris on a working holiday visa (from Canada).  As all good romantic stories go, I met a French man and stayed.  In school, I studied accounting in order to get "that job" (I'm a trained CPA), and later found a passion for art. 

Left brain and right brain, analytical and artistic, does logic always dominate?  Paris seems to be the perfect place to find out!


I use art to explore the path well-trodden and the path less travelled. The choices and the risks that it takes to be confident enough to evolve and go where the heart (and the feet) lead you.  Ainsi Hardi was born from the idea of going places and taking that leap. Thus our name Ainsi Hardi, which means So Bold in French.  


Our studio is based in Paris-La Defénse, approximately 15 minutes from the Champs-Élysées on the metro (or 1 hour if traveling with small children and all their paraphernalia).  I personally design and approve all the artwork and we then send it to our printing and packing partners (based in the U.S. and Europe), to prepare orders and ship directly to you.

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